Reservoir Gods

maggie #2

Maggie #2
This issue begins with a great intro from TLB; "The Cebit '90 Conversion" with a very fast filled vector rout from Manikin, probably the fastest on ST at this time. A certain Christopher Ian Holland makes his maggie debut in this issue, with the (in)famous "Girls And Computers" article. The, erm, "cult" Mutant Monthly also begins in this issue. There is a massive realtime report from the I.C.C. Demo of the month is the Overlander's "Delirious Demo II", although Manikin points out that it is not as good as "Mindbomb". Which is probably a fair assessment. The next charts back this up, with Mindbomb being rated as the best demo, just ahead of Cuddly. There is a riveting review of Ice Packer (6 pages!) Spaz reviews Quartet, and unsurprisingly really likes it. He later goes on to produce many a tune with this strange tracker. The programming selection includes an 3l33t trick to set screen colours from STOS (uh, you poke values into palette registers. genius). There is a comedy article on 'real programmers' - "The real programmer may keep forgetting the name of his girlfriend, but knows the entire ASCII table by heart". There is also a complete section of Amiga jokes, probably the pick of the bunch being "Whats the difference between an Amiga and a Boeing 747? You know the amiga is going to crash". Ah, the rivalry ran deep in those days, and it came as a back of a shock to learn that TCB owned Amigas and actually liked some of the games on them. (Heretics! Burn Them!) There's a big selection of Mad Max tunes to select from in the shell, and even Count Zero from arch TLB rivals Inner Circle supplies a tune. In demo news, Automation anounce that they are making a multiple disk megademo, with screens by all their members. But the demo that the maggie demo for is "the real union demo part 2" - it's being put together by Delta Force and will be called "Syntax Terror". Sounds good.


Maggie #2 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • ASWI (Tufty)
  • Back To The Future
  • Defcon (The Watchmen)
  • Delirious Demo II (OVR)
  • Fullscreen Demos (Paulo Simoes)
  • Hemo-Sound II (HMD)
  • Robocop (Islander)
  • Robocop II (Paul Brennan)
  • Roger Rabbit (Tufty)
  • Ultimate GFA (OVR)
Games Reviewed:
  • Anarchy
  • Damocles
  • Dragon's Lair
  • F29 Retaliator
  • MidWinter
  • North & South
  • Sim City
  • Viking Child
  • Automation Packer
  • Equinox Tracker
  • Quickie Demo Maker
  • Byte Benders
  • Fonts by Spaz
  • GFA Commands
  • Demos in GFA
  • STOS Colours
  • Dogue De Mauve / OVR
  • New Order
  • TCB
  • 16 Bit Fair
  • Atari Show '90
  • I.C.C.

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