Reservoir Gods

maggie #8

Maggie #8
For those that hadn't got hold of the re-release of issue 8, this was the introduction to the great new Delta Force shell, complete with stylish picture from Slime. Lord Hackbear collates information about the forthcoming Atari Falcon. Dark Shadow of the Invizibles writes a complete definition of a lamer. Apparently, amongst other things, lamers "don't know a shit what assembler is but have the high score in mouse trap". Delta Force themselves are not very fond of lamers, as the end of the Eternal Sound demo testifies: "by the way this demo needs 1 meg to run, so all you half meg lamers flush yourself down a toilet" Bizarrely, a chain letter appeal to send cards to cancer sufferer Craig Shergold is published here. (This was one of the few non fake chain letters, and young Mr Shergold actually received over 100 million cards. How many of these came from Maggie readers is not known.) The highest rated demo of the issue is Delta Force's "Punish Your Machine", which CIH awards a healthy 93%. "the best copy-party/convention demo to date" he gushes.


Maggie #8 ST (Version 1)
Maggie #8 ST (Version 2)

Demos Reviewed:
  • Awakening Of The Gods (Kruz)
  • Better Than Life (ACO)
  • Delerious Demo (OVR)
  • Gateway To Hexenland (Avengers)
  • Ooh Crikey (TLB)
  • Things Not To Do (EI)
  • Little Music (EI)
Games Reviewed:
  • BAT
  • Brat
  • Corruption
  • Defender
  • Cruise For A Corpse
  • Final Whistle
  • Leatherneck
  • Logical
  • Magic Pockets
  • Mega Lo Mania
  • Midwinter II
  • Monster Business
  • Prince Of Persia
  • Pro Tennis Tour II
  • Silent Service II
  • Silkworm
  • Speedball II
  • SuperCars II
  • Test Drive II
  • Toki
  • Turrican II
  • All Formats Fair
  • Atari Dusseldorf
  • Hobby Electronik
  • ICC 2
  • Delta Force
  • Electra
  • ST News

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