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maggie #10

Maggie #10
So then, Maggie #10. The most controversial issue of them all. And it all started so well, with a fantastic intro from Delta Force's new British coder Karl. But the menu picture is the first warning sign - it is darker than anything that has been seen before, and certainly far from the cartoon style of Spaz's pictures for earlier editions of the mag. The contents is also darker. Gone is the lighthearted schoolboy humour of the earlier issues, and in comes the grim, serious tones of the Delta Force elite. They make it clear what they don't like, and that is most things including lamers, lots of the other members of the atari scene, doing more diskmags and doing anything more on atari computers. A fun and uplifting read this is not. The demo reviews speak volumes for the attitude of the editorial staff: "this demo is a complete bore and a waste of two disks" (NTM Megademo) "mostly crap" ("The Wolrd is my Oyster") "yawn" ("Beyond"). It's almost like reading a prototype UCM. There is an interesting coding competition, where you have to write the fastest routs to read a longword ID from non aligned boundary, mirror a longword at the word boundary and find the count the sets bits in a longword. And, because they are 'hard', Delta Force are running a Press-Up competition at the next I.C.C. they really shouldn't get too much competition from those other coding teams, enfeebled by many years of computer use. Apart from the negative attitudes, the area that caused the most controversey in this magazine is the "Adults Only" section. This contains a collection pornographic stories, and caused many PD libraries to stop stocking the magazine. DF defended themselves by saying "we never wanted to make a magazine for 15 year old kids" - which is ironic, because this material is best enjoyed by 15 year old kids! Fortunately, Felice is on hand to bring a smile to the face with articles like "People You Hate" which launches a bitter attack on Tescos in Bedford. On the coding side, there is a very good piece on fullscreens by Flix. The article that sums up the mindset of Delta Force themsleves at the time is entitled "The Scene Sucks". Needless to say, they never produce another issue of Maggie.


Maggie #10 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Beyond (Kruz)
  • Bird Mad Girl Show (Fraggles)
  • Hi Fi Dreams (Aura)
  • Ice Collection (I.C.E.)
  • Just Buggin' (ACF)
  • Legacy Dentro
  • M-Demo 3 (An Cool)
  • NTM Demo (Zuul)
  • Overdose (Aggression)
  • The World Is My Oyster (Aura)
Games Reviewed:
  • Deutros
  • Gobliiins
  • Stratego
  • Super Space Invaders
  • Fullscreen Coding
  • Daryl / TEX
  • Eye / Brainwash Co
  • TPPI
  • Shopper Show

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