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maggie #11

Maggie #11
"On Top Of The World" proclaimed the title picture, somewhat optimistically. The reality was somewhat different, Maggie had hit an all time low. Delta Force had abandoned the magazine in with a coctail of childish outbursts and soft porn. Other key members of the team were working on rival diskmag "HP Source" and Sammy Joe had long since abandoned the scene. Bravely CIH and Felice manned the fort. CIH delves into the shady world of consoles to review two Sonic games and is not impressed. Yuji Naka's opus is dismissed "there are better games on the megadrive than this, better games on the ST come to think of it". In "Are We To Blame", Felice poses the question "Violence In Britain - Are Computers And Consoles To Blame?" and there are more sage words of advice from the master in "Joyriding Menace". But the main thing catching Maggie's eye is the gleaming new Atari Falcon. It is the start of a beautiful relationship.


Maggie #11 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • 3DTT (Brainstorm)
  • Demounstures (TOS Crew)
  • Gouraud (EI)
  • Falcplan
  • Moving Pixels (Paragon)
  • No Cooper (1984)
  • I.C.E. Intro
  • Terminal Fuckup (Sanity)
Games Reviewed:
  • Epic
  • Trex Warrior
  • Sonic (MegaDrive)
  • 16 Bit Show
  • Computer Shopper Show
  • Future Ent Show

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