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maggie #13

Maggie #13
"It is time for the old order to get out of the way or be flattened by the combine harvester of progress!" shouts the editorial. And progress was being made - the first decent falcon multi part demo ("Warum") appears in this issue; Overlanders and friends take ST demos to their logical conclusion with "Froggies Over The Fence" and Bell/Braben take space trading games to the limits of the universe with "Elite 2". In Maggie's opinions, these productions were "essential" (Warum), "the last of the great megademos for the ST, but what a way to go" (Froggies) and "the most involved and massive game on the ST" (Frontier). Dino Dini is back with bug ridden 'Goal'. "Prepare for some serious green raster based action" enthuses MrPink. The is a "Maggie History So Far" report and 'Mutant Monthly' is fondly remembered. CIH's hopes for the future of Maggie - "A Falcon specific shell". Surely this could never happen?


Maggie #13 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • 68XXX Demo (Light)
  • Anomaly (MJJ Prod)
  • Beginning Of The Ending
  • Big Digi Demo
  • Bound 2
  • EKO Demo
  • Falcon Flight
  • Froggies Over The Fence
  • MJJ Dentro
  • Plastic Dreams
  • Shadebobs
  • Ventura (OVR)
  • Warum (Lazer)
  • When Dreams Become Reality
Games Reviewed:
  • Elite II
  • Goal
  • Ishar II
  • Lazers And Men
  • No Second Prize
  • Rebel Assault (PC)
  • Falcon Videomaster
  • 16 Bit Show
  • Atari London
  • Manchester Show

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