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maggie #14

Maggie #14
"Why can't ST Format manage any systematic coverage of the demoscene" bemoans the editorial. Thank God for Maggie! The Synergy Megademo is praised, but points are deducted for possible communist tendencies. Apparently at least two synergy members have falcons ... "The Falcon is fast shaping up to be an excellent platform for demoware" so begins the review of DNT Crew's "Chaos A.D.", one of the better early falcon demos. Even better is EKO's "Papa Was A Bladerunner" (so who was the mother?), a "brainblasting" experience that is "currently the best demo going". Meanwhile, on the ST, the Conflict Demo by obscure Swedish group "Dead Hackers Society" is reviewed. CIH admits that he has never heard of this team before. The maggie team gets its hands on a Jaguar for the first time, but are not overly impressed with Cybermorph "its Simulcra with better graphics". MrPink hacks some spectrum games and gives a list of POKEs to enable various cheats. 3l33t (not 'Elite') hacking group Cynix are grilled by our intrepid interviewers and have some hard hitting views about the world of atari. The first year of the Falcon is reviewed with much nashing of the teeth about Atari Corp's strategies. There is a lot of interest in the proposed Jaguar computer. It could have been a contender!


Maggie #14 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Arrival (Passion)
  • Chaos A.D. (DNT Crew)
  • Chrome Dragon (Opium)
  • Cool RGB Demo (EKO)
  • Conflict (DHS)
  • Crash In Hell
  • Independent Music Compil
  • Jaguar Slideshow
  • Marga Demo
  • Papa Was A Bladerunner (EKO)
  • Rave The Xmas (DBA)
  • Synergy Megademo
  • Tekno Drugs
Games Reviewed:
  • Doom (PC)
  • Lazers And Men
  • Llamazap
  • Steel Talons
  • Spectrum Hacking
  • The DSP Manual
  • Absu / Cynix
  • Frosty / Elite
  • Quaser / Cynix
  • Skywalker / Cynix
  • E.C.T.S

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