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maggie #16

Maggie #16
Christmas 1994, and Maggie is sweet sixteen. In the editorial, CIH discusses the state of the Jaguar scene and Atari's decision to pull out of the home computer market, whilst deputy editor Felice gets excited about the forthcoming Meredith Salenger movie "Dream A Little Dream 2". The big game reviews of the issue are Obsession which is "too good to be true" and Zero 5 which has "probably the finest 3D graphic engine ever seen on the ST". Holocaust bring the big ST demos with "Japtro" and "Blood", whilst on the Falcon E.K.O ask "Are You Experienced?" to which Abstract retort "x-perience!", well they would if it wasn't for a cut and paste error which sees them share a demo title with their arch rivals. CIH does a "that was a year that was" for 1994, and looming on the horizon is a rather expensive console from a japanese company called the PS-X. Wonder what happend to that? Mr Pink has a field day with Bitfields on the 030, Felice visits tenerife and encounters girls that "did various things including sitting on balloons and kissing". CIH visits the Future Entertainment show, but finds that AvP is the only entertaining thing there.


Maggie #16 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Allbran Demo
  • Are You Experienced? (EKO)
  • Blood (Holocaust)
  • Bound 4
  • Inter Demo
  • Japtro (Holocaust)
  • Mostly Harmless (MJJ Prod)
  • Waiwala (Waiwan)
  • X-Perience (Abstract)
Games Reviewed:
  • AvP (Jag)
  • Crystal Mines 2 (Lynx)
  • Doom (Jag)
  • Obsessions
  • Zero 5
  • Bitfields on 030
  • Impact Software
  • Design + Technology Show
  • Future Ent Show
  • Tenerife
  • Xmas Atari Show

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