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maggie #17

Maggie #17
"so here we are, yet again, and only a bit late this time.." so opens the editorial of Maggie 17, and it is a familiar situation for maggie fans. The diskmag union "magnetic interlude" is announced, which involves Maggie teaming up with DBA and ST News. Only one of these magazines lastest much longer ... An anouncement is made about the maggie 5th anniversary edition. "Will we still be here in 10 years time?" asks CIH, back in 1995. Inter's Obnoxious Demo is "a table bender of epic proportions" whilst, in comparison, Digital Chaos's Built In Obsolesence is "a cozy little demo". Felice's Newsdesk brings us "VERY HOT NEWS", specifically about actress Joanna Pacula who is soon to be seen in a movie entitled "Silence Of The Hams", which, according to Felice, "is a pisstake of Silence Of The Lambs". We wouldn't have guessed. Titan Designs supremo David 'Pencil' Encill writes in to inform us about delays to some of their products ... how times change. Meanwhile, Richard 'Wavey' Davey reveals he has a collection of plants on his windowsill called "eeny", "meeny", "miney" and "mo". And its bye bye to the hemoroids with their final ST demo "Necrolosis" receiving a healthy 87% from CIH.


Maggie #17 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Built In Obsolescence (Digital Chaos)
  • Faith (Dune)
  • GutenTag (Avena)
  • Lame Brain (MegaBusters)
  • Necrosis (Hemoroids)
  • Obnoxious Demo (Inter)
  • Poverty Slideshow (POV)
  • Star Wars (Inter)
  • Stupid Demo
Games Reviewed:
  • Boom 2 (Preview)
  • Towers 2
  • Lasers And Men
  • Jaguar Pad
  • Arnaud Linz
  • Richard Davey
  • Fried Bits 3
  • Spring ECTS
  • SCES

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