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maggie #19

Maggie #19
Don't be put off by the horrible title pic and terrible PC-dad music! The maggie news reported the sad departure of UDS from the atari games scene. Elsewhere, Titan Designs announced Apex 3. We're still waiting... The Aggression party had finished, and there were a number of atari winners including Toys in the 4K category, whilst the main competition was won by "Demolition" by a group called Dead Hackers Society. I wonder where they are now? The follow up to Fried Bits 3 is announced - it's Symposium '96 and the Maggie team plan to attend! Bad Plan! There is a complete report of the Maggie 5th birthday party and much is made of James Matthews' erratic sense of direction. Felice visits the atari shows "Generally, they were very interesting." NPG retitle their doom/shoot-em-up game to "Incubator". Why did they bother! Three CDs jam-packed with Atari software are reviewed. The World's silliest viruses are revealed! Maggie's number one fan from Chile writes in... The Maggie Awards 1995 are unveiled, with Eko's fantastic EkoSystem demo taking the top prize. This issue of Maggie also featured a classic quit bug! Hours of quitless end!


Maggie #19 Falcon
Maggie #19 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Aggression II Party Dentro
  • Colonic Irrigation (Senior Dads)
  • Evolution Demo (EXA)
  • Geranium Demo (HMD et al)
  • Manga Desires (Sublime)
  • Ni Demo (Fisk Kompeniet)
Games Reviewed:
  • Gravon
  • Incubator
  • Killing Impact
  • Pac Them
  • Sheer Agony
  • Team
Lynx Games:
  • Ishido
  • Sokoban
Jaguar Games:
  • Rayman
  • Super Burnout
  • Best Albums of '95
  • Michael Burkley
  • Colin Fisher-McAllum
  • Kev Beardsworth
  • Truecolour Fade
  • 68020 Addressing Modes
  • Assembly Tutorial

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