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maggie #20

Maggie #20
This issue kicks off with a great intro by "British Software Alliance". "Hunter Sausage Whence Bizarre" was the first intro to demonstrate Tat's environment mapping. It also brought M-Pig and Mutton Blur to the Falcon for the first time. The title picture was dreadful, and the music was the aural equivalent of being stuck in a hot lift with David Mellor. Ripley's redrawn icons looked very nice though. The news is dominated by the Atari/JTS merger. There's a preview of the nemesis. This issue is a bit of a "Symposium Special" with party reports, a realtime article and reviews of all the major demos and intros. IPIR hit the scene! Ghostlink is reviewed, as is top Falcon rendering package "Neon". Don't forget that FPU! Ripley reveals all in a long and in-depth interview! (Her comments about MrPink are all untrue!!) The Falcon has reached its third birthday and CIH casts a critical eye over its formative years. The rise and fall of some very influential atari diskmags is discussed. Ed Cleveland takes a pickaxe to the internet "its more like Ceefax 2000". (N.B. this joke is only available to our UK readers). SWE from YesCrew writes in requesting a Gem Shell. The Senior Dads plot of world domination continues with them porting French Falcon demos to the STe! Mangue from Adrenaline says reports of their death have been exaggerated. Maggie attempts to bring a little culture to the atari world with the introduction of "Poetry Corner". EJ Thribb is chief contributer.


Maggie #20 Falcon
Maggie #20 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Aggressive II Intros
  • ARH+ (.tSCc.)
  • BSE+ (TNB)
  • Bugs (Trantor)
  • DBA 4ktro
  • DBA 96ktro
  • Dem-O-Lition (DHS/Imp)
  • Ewigkeit (Spirits)
  • Life(Xtream)
  • Gurkensalat (Lazer/Inter)
  • Symposium 96 (Hydroxid)
  • Power Of 8mhz (TOYS)
  • Realm Of Depth (Hydroxid)
  • Sentry 96Ktro
  • Steps (Cream)
  • Yepyha (Toons)
  • Ultimate Music 5 (PHF)
  • Whirlpool (Extream)
Games Reviewed:
  • Candyman
  • Corsair
  • Neurobotix
  • Running
  • Subaqua
  • Wotanoid
  • X-Moon
  • Ripley
  • Chris Good
  • Tony Greenwood
  • Sypmosium '96
  • Adrenaline Party
  • Jagpads
  • Truecolour Fading 2
  • Maggie 18 Intro Secrets

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