Reservoir Gods

maggie #21

Maggie #21
This issue begins with a great into from Arto of Reservoir Gods. The title picture is a nicely rendered effort by Tat of Avena. As space was tight, there is no module but instead a chip tune. The ST shell has been recoded by Tat of Avena, who also contributes a great ST intro. Oxo concept's new web browser "WebSpace" is announced. There's news of a new paper based atari magazine to replace the lamented Atari World. It's title is 'Atari Computing' and the Maggie team are set to contribute their own regulat column for it. Richard Karsmakers warns the world about a deadly new virus killer. We'd better buy a copy of UVK, eh Rich? New games "Heartlands" and "Mole Mayhem" are announced. Felice visits the WAG meetings and eats some chips. "All in all, it was very enjoyable....hopefully we'll do it again soon." There's also a look at classic speccy games coder - where are they now? Bonus of Fun talks about the acrimonious split of DBA. The Spirits bible-bashing "Ewigkeit" demo is mercilessly lampooned. Arnel exclusively reveals the details of the 'JTS Microbox Car'! Ripley contributes a graphics tutorial for GodPaint.


Maggie #21 Falcon
Maggie #21 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Bugs From Outer Space (Impulse)
  • Crystal (An Cool)
  • Nas Intro (ICE)
  • Symposium 96 (Therapy)
  • Gigafun 96 (Therapy)
  • Earth (Gaston)
  • Entracte (EXA)
  • Flames (Martin Steen)
  • Tyranny (DHS)
Games Reviewed:
  • Bad Mood
  • Cosmic
  • ESLA League 3
  • Ganymed
  • Island Strike
  • Kakanoid
  • MiserMind
  • Radical Race
  • Spice
  • Willie's Adventures
Lynx Games:
  • Dracula Of The Undead
  • Shadow Of The Beast
  • Vogue
  • Roy Goring
  • Si Gardner
  • CD-Rom Checksums
  • ST Demo Secrets
  • Game Programming

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