Reservoir Gods

maggie #23

Maggie #23
The shadows contribute some spooky grey-scaled animations for an intro. The magazine itself features the best title picture yet, this time painted by sh3. The nemesis accelerator, which has caused MrPink to be without his Falcon for a painful number of months, gets a detailed review. Tat discusses plans for totally re-writing the Maggie ST shell. There are test on 68040 accelerator cards and a complete compatibility list which tells you how to get your favourite programs running. MSG puts packers head to head and gives you the results of the battle of compression. He also writes a guide to tracker commands. Revealed: how to get a computer for free! The NEC Multisync montior is reviewed! That's 108 lines of monitor-related excitement! Jody Smith re-evaluates the Star Wars trilogy. Felice reviews The English Patient; "Generally a pretty good movie for those who are into seeing dramas based around this particular part of the war." He also unveils Jane. Who is Jane? We'll have to "wait and find out..." Eddies Cat interactive interviews himself, and he has the knife out for demo coders, the internet, the authors of HERO and Cilla Black. EarX is also interviewed "life sucked until I got an Atari". There is a complete digest of all Falcon demos. Year four of the Falcon is reviewed. The future of the demo scene seems to be Poland - "not yet shopworn and cynical like the French and German scenes seem to be". Jody Smith dons his Blue Monkey hat and terrorises the local Liberal Democrat MP. All together now "I HATE SCONES. I HATE THEM, YOU HEAR?"


Maggie #23 Falcon
Maggie #23 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • 30l Coke (.tSCc.)
  • F6 (Cream)
  • Bugblatterbeast (.tSCc.)
  • Ignis (Pandemonium)
  • IT (Shadows)
  • Place To Be 5 (MIPS)
  • Sili Con Carne (Escape)
  • Six Sievert (.tSCc.)
  • Sonolumineszenz (Avena)
  • ST Floormat (Senior Dads)
  • Tutensuppenzauber (TNB)
Games Reviewed:
  • Billy Boy
  • Cannon Fodder II
  • Donkey Island
  • Eijktris
  • Running
  • Solitar
  • Willie's Adventures
Lynx Reviews:
  • Bill & Teds
  • S.T.U.N. Runner
  • Escape Paint
  • Flaysid
  • Gemulator
  • Nemesis
  • EarX
  • Eddie's Cat
  • Matthew Gosling
  • MW-Electronik
  • 3D Camera Tricks
  • Motion Pac
  • ST Demo Secrets
  • Godboy Uncovered

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