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maggie #27

Maggie #27
Possibly the biggest and best issue of Maggie ever made. 1MB of raw text plus 950k of graphics grace the Falcon release, complete with an awesome multichannel graoumf module by sh3 (a remix of westbam's "Wizards Of The Sonic) and a nice Sandman cover pic painted by Ripley. On the Falcon, the shell has matured into the slickest and fastest disk mag shell yet seen. A glut of 128 byte intros are reviewed in this issue, with the pick of the bunch being Checkpoint's amazing 128byte rot zoomer. The out takes of "BinLiner" are drooled over in a fit of "if only...", and "Motion" appears in a similarly disembodied state, but there are plenty more demos out there to keep the maggie team happy. Second in popularity to the 128ers is the 4ktros, with the Swedish trio of Mind Design, DHS and New Beat all delivering the goods in this area. "Fungle Beats" marks the arrival of Fun as a demo force to be reckoned with, and Escape's "Illness At Night" is real breath of fresh of air with some joyfully original new ideas and effects. Keep those sheep tied up, mind. Meanwhile, on the ST Loud! give us "Back in France", Cream drop "Do Things" and Leonard delivers the long awaited "Nostalgico". But the real killer demo is from a little known group from Poland. Syntax inform us that "Sometimes The Bumblee Flies Higher Than The Falcon" and is this case its not just flying higher, it's soaring above! Toodeloo of DHS (remember him?) writes a series of tutorials on tracking, whilst on the coding side of things, secrets of the FPU and Videl are revealed. Joint Elite coder (the game, not the cracking crew!) Ian Bell tells Maggie the truth behind the seminal vector based space trading game. Marcer of Elite (the cracking crew, not the game!) appears in the other interview. On the horizon is the Error In Line party in Germany at Easter. Checkpoint and DHS deliver demos to tempt atarians to Dresden, and the feeling amongst the Maggie team is that this party could revive the spirit of the old Fried Bits events. Little did we know that it would be better than we could ever have imagined.


Maggie #27 Falcon
Maggie #27 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • 128 Hnt4fji (Checkpoint)
  • 128 Tron 2 (T.O.Y.S.)
  • 128 Mandel (No Crew)
  • 128 Plasma (No Crew)
  • 128 Sierpins (No Crew )
  • 128 Pong (No Crew)
  • 128 Staars (Checkpoint)
  • 4Orce (DHS)
  • 4Some (Mind Design)
  • A Small Brainless Gag
  • Back In France (Loud)
  • Binliner (Avena)
  • Blair-O (Supremacy)
  • Do Things (Cream)
  • EIL ST Invite (Checkpoint/Escape)
  • EIL Falcon Invite (DHS)
  • Flu 4K (New Beat)
  • Fungle Beats (Fun)
  • Fury (Mystic Bytes)
  • Generation Gap (Cobra)
  • Illness At Night (Escape)
  • Mary Xmas (Da Boosters)
  • Momo Intro (Popsy Team)
  • Motion (Aggression)
  • Nostalgic-O (Oxygene)
  • RTS (Blue)
  • Rump Mapper (IPIR)
  • Snowstorm (RG)
  • Sometimes Bumblebee.. (Syntax)
  • Spacebot (Da Boosters)
  • Teardrop+ (Mystic Bytes)
  • The Nun Demo (Nun)
  • Xmas Demo (Paranoia)
Games Reviewed:
  • Breakdance
  • Bunion Canyon
  • Crackman
  • GEM Pacman
  • Pacland (Lynx)
  • Raiden
  • Stupid Balloon
  • FPU
  • Offbeat Tracking
  • Tracking Moods
  • Videl
  • Ian Bell
  • Marcer / Elite
  • Imp Party 8
  • Stafford Atari Show
  • Quast Party
  • Volcanic 5

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