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maggie #28

Maggie #28
After the epic maggie #27, the follow up would always be a bit of a disappointment. Some key members of the Maggie time had now stopped being layabout students and entered the gruelling wold of work. Still, CIH battles valiantly and just about manages to hold the fort. There is a huge amount of demo reviews, precipitated by the recent Error In Line party. There is an ST revival at this party, with a whole load of great 16bit releases, topped off with Checkpoint's amazing "Suretrip" demo. Elsewhere, DHS's Christmas intro competition encourages a sackload of seasonal intros. In games, Sector One encourage you to take out your frustrations in "Pie Bill Gates", T.O.Y.S. make a microscopic mario game "DB Phone Home". Top Dutchies Fun are grilled in the interview section. In the tutorials section, the phenomenon of 128 byte intros is explained. Don't encourage them! The travel section is dominated by the visit to the Error In Line party with a massive realtime article.


Maggie #28 Falcon
Maggie #28 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Agent T Picture Render (Cream)
  • Alive (Fun)
  • ASCII Torus (Checkpoint)
  • ATS (DHS)
  • Breath (Mystic Bytes)
  • Bugwuerst (Nun)
  • Bye Bye Tro (Checkpoint/Escape)
  • Crimbo Intro (Torment)
  • Ego Demo (No Crew)
  • F6 Part 2 (Cream)
  • Fake Gameboy (TNB)
  • Halloween (FLA)
  • H Demo IV (Teenage)
  • Ibiza (Poets Of Bombay)
  • I See Stars (Escape)
  • Japemo (Hylst)
  • Oldiez (Blabla)
  • Madness (Cream)
  • Magstarka (Spice Boys)
  • Mahabarata (FIT)
  • Memorial (Dune)
  • Modest (Mind Design)
  • Revertant (Cobra)
  • Rumplekamer (Stax)
  • Songs Of Distant Earth (tSCc)
  • Suretrip (Checkpoint)
  • Sweety (DHS)
  • The Lost Screen (Oxythan)
  • Tnhxmas (Teenage)
  • Twitching Flannels (Torment)
  • Two In One (DHS)
  • Unreleased Screens (Animal Mine)
  • Virtual Escape (Equinox)
  • Xbiosxmas (Blind IO)
Games Reviewed:
  • D.B. Phone Home
  • FalcDoom
  • Paraconrol
  • Pie Bill Gates
  • Reverse Pong
  • Streetfighter
  • Stune
  • Xtris
  • 128 Byte Coding MMU Coding
  • Havoc / FUN
  • Nut / FUN
  • AMS Show
  • Error In Line
  • NAS '99

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