Reservoir Gods


This utility hooks into the Xbios video system to change the frequency of screen display. This will have the effect of toggling the hertz - if programs are running at 50hz when your TV or RGB monitor supports 60hz (or vice versa) this will sort you out. download

Fractal Playground
A whole galaxy of fractals for you to play with! Fractal Playground gives you the ability to create fractals of any shape, size and type. You can even export the graphics and use them in your own productions! It's chaos out there! download

The true colour art package for the Falcon030! Used to create all the graphics on all our productions! Also used by Avena in the creation of such demos as 'Sonolumineszenz'! Features all the standard drawing tools, multiple zoom windows, interpolative shading, automatic anti-aliasing and support for a large number of Falcon and ST file formats. If you want to draw any graphics on the Falcon you need this! download

RAGE is a compatibility tool for Nemesis accelerators. It allows a great deal more demos and games to run in Nemesis HI mode on RGB monitors. This is an essential utility for nemesis owners! download

Converts binary data into a sequence of 'DC.B' statements. Useful for assemblers that have an 'Include' function but no 'Incbin'. Include this in your utility collection! download

A loading system that gives you all available free memory! Very useful for running games and demos that hog as much memory as they can. Easy to install and simple to use! download

Allows you to use a jaguar controller as a replacement for your mouse! Has variable speed and also a click-lock for dragging and dropping files easily! Works with all Gem applications. download

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